A Modern-Day Psalm

"Fairest LORD Jesus, Ruler of all nature” this is for You -- in winter morning light, I sit in stillness, breathing slowly, and deep, waiting…Your Spirit to speak. This gift of moments, veils of Your beauty open, and unfold; the morning sparkles and shines with frozen wonder, unspeakable peace. Spinning through infinite space and darkness, the turning earth rolls back around into the light---that closely burning hydrogen star You have placed near us, just comfortably far. “The heavens display Your beauty, O God!” 

From unknown eternal deeps, each breath rises, and subsides like the sea tides, exquisite rhythms of circling days and nights, the centuries of earth. The ebb and flow of human sorrow gives way to quiet praise: “Holy, holy, holy, the whole earth is filled with Your beauty O God, Your majesty, Your resplendent glory!”

 Long days of hard wind and sharp chill, the empty trees stand waiting, and still, ready to be filled with the Resurrection of Spring. Under the brooding shadow of snow clouds, the winter fields are slowly greening, even now, in widening swaths of warming light. Soon, the raw earth will be thawing, waking, freshly scented once again. This morning, in the gray limbs of the birch a scarlet cardinal keeps chiming the music You designed for him. He keeps insisting the beauty, and the promise, boldly, as if we can not hear:   It’s here! it’s here! it’s here!  All the beauty is Yours, O God! 

My children, if it’s beauty you desire, then seek My face. I AM, everywhere! Cease looking in your mirrors for beauty. Instead, seek My face, yes! keep seeking My face, and My beauty will become yours. Of this, You can be sure--- you become what your eyes behold, the beauty you reveal is the LOVE your heart holds dear!